Statistical Bulletin on Crime in England and Wales – APCC response

26 April 2018 | 17:20

In response to the Office for National Statistics’ publication of the Statistical Bulletin on Crime in England and Wales for the year ending December 2017, the Lead of the APCC Performance Portfolio Group, Matthew Scott PCC said:

Whilst the latest recorded crime figures show concerning statistical rises in theft and in low-volume but high-harm offences like burglary, knife and gun crime, the more reliable Crime Survey for England and Wales found most types of crime to be at similar levels to 2016.

“As the ONS explicitly state, most people do not experience crime – 8 in 10 adults were not a victim of any of the crimes asked about in their survey. However, whichever data people choose to focus on, there will be no complacency from Police and Crime Commissioners who will continue to hold Chief Constables to account and work to reduce crime at all levels in their communities.

“Today the Home Office-led serious violence taskforce, with PCCs’ involvement, met for the first time and will drive forward commitments made in the national Serious Violence Strategy. Equally PCCs – with our strong record of working closely with local partners in health, education, local government, businesses and charities to meet the public’s priorities in policing and crime – will be striving to address local issues make our communities safer.”

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