APCC committed to working with Home Office and local partners to tackle serious violent crime


The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners’ Chair PCC David Lloyd has welcomed the UK Government’s Serious Violence Strategy as an “important and necessary step” in the drive locally and nationally to address the recent rise in violent crime.

Responding to the UK Government’s 2018 Serious Violence Strategy, published today at an event with the Home Secretary, senior police and PCCs in London, APCC Chair David Lloyd said:

“The terrible increase in knife crime, gun crime and homicides over recent years is understandably a key public concern, shared by everyone I meet in policing, and the Serious Violence Strategy published today is an important, necessary and timely step forward in the national drive to reverse this deeply troubling trend.”

“The Strategy looks to bring together effective interventions rooted in enforcement, prevention and regulation to tackle the key drivers behind the recent growth in violent crime. The commitment to a balanced approach is important, as is the clear recognition that this is a task that cannot be left to policing alone.”

“Police and Crime Commissioners have a strong record of working closely with local partners in health, education, local government, businesses and charities, to meet the public’s priorities in policing and crime. My colleagues and I understand this role and responsibility well, and the APCC will continue to engage with the Home Office and other senior partners inside and outside Government as we carefully consider the proposals in this Strategy and how we can most effectively protect the public and see less lives tragically lost to violent crime.”


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