APCC Impact Report 2020/21


The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners has published its annual Impact Report, setting out how the organisation and PCCs have been making a difference over the past year.

APCC Chair Marc Jones writes: “There has been an injection of energy and new ideas into the APCC as a result of a large number of first-time PCCs being elected into office in May. Our new members have approached their local roles, and national portfolio responsibilities, with great enthusiasm.

“Together we have discussed key matters like the Spending Review, new legislation, and our part in delivering on the Government’s Beating Crime Plan. We have been taking the opportunity presented to us by the PCC Review to showcase the great work we have been delivering in policing, and with our local communities.

“Perhaps more importantly, we have identified where we can do even more for victims of crime if afforded greater influence over the wider criminal justice system.”

Work highlighted within the 2020/21 report includes the APCC’s response to the pandemic - including holding forces to account for the policing of Covid restrictions, tackling the backlog of cases in the courts, and securing additional funding to support domestic abuse victims and their children.

After George Floyd’s murder, the APCC established a Race Disparity Working Group to focus efforts on how to rebuild confidence in UK policing among Black and ethnic minority communities. And it is setting up a similar cross-portfolio group to look at the collective response to Violence Against Women and Girls following the murder of Sarah Everard in March.

The Impact Report also contains a link to the APCC’s audited accounts for the year ending 31 March 2021.

Download the Impact Report (.pdf)


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