APCC lead for Cyber Crime, comments on the National Launch of Force Cyber Crime Units


APCC Cyber Crime Lead, PCC Clive Grunshaw, said:

“Cyber Crime is an ever increasing threat, and although the UK is well protected at a National level, both individuals and businesses in our local communities suffer from those exploiting new technology for criminal gain.

“Police and Crime Commissioners have supported the investment in the launching of dedicated Cyber Crime Units in all forces in England and Wales, providing a local response, whose purpose is not only to prosecute perpetrators, but more importantly to prevent these types of crimes and divert potential offenders, often young people, away from criminal activity in the first place.

“Inevitably, more crime is now being committed online in the ‘cyber space’. We need to work closely with partners, including technology companies, the finance sector and Internet Service Providers to ensure we are all playing our part in keeping our communities safe.

“Recognising the complexity of the law enforcement response to cybercrime, we also need to ensure the police are properly resourced to this new crime threat moving forwards, and the case needs to be made to Government for continued investment.”


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