APCC Lead responds to unacceptable sexual harassment in police


Responding to UNISON’s ‘Time to Stamp Out Sexual Harassment in the Police’ report, APCC Portfolio Lead for Transparency and Integrity, Julia Mulligan PCC said:

“I was disappointed to see that there still seems to be a problem with police personnel abusing their position and behaving inappropriately towards police staff. This is not acceptable in any form.

“The Code of Ethics has been a working part of policing for some time now, but clearly there needs to be more work to understand how staff and officers are treating each other, not just how the police engage with the public. Changes to the complaints and disciplines system will also improve matters and hopefully give confidence to those who want to report inappropriate behaviour.

“Fundamentally, sexually predatory behaviour is totally unacceptable. It can have devastating consequences on victims and there is certainly no place for it in policing or in any modern workplace. Unison have done a good thing in raising this issue, and policing now needs to respond and stamp this behaviour out.”

Further information on the UNISON/LSE/University of Surrey research behind the report can be read here.


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