APCC Leads Respond to Announcement on Police Chief Employment Transparency Measures


The Home Office and the police today have announced a package of measures aiming to bring greater clarity and transparency to several areas of chief officer employment, including:

  • A standardised 35 days annual leave policy
  • The introduction of a police-led system to scrutinise employment once chief officers leave their force.
  • A snapshot study of police chiefs’ pay packages from 2015/16 to be published on the Police.uk website.

In response to today’s announcement, Julia Mulligan, the APCC Lead on Transparency & Integrity said:

“As the APCC Lead on Transparency and Integrity, I very much welcome the measures announced today. This is something that PCCs have been championing for years, after many, including myself, inherited situations from police authorities where in the worst cases payments were made to Chief Officers with no legal basis. These measures will finally bring greater transparency to the pay and reward of Chief Officers and also to their annual leave and post-service employment.

“PCCs would like to see the Home Office apply the same rules to Chief Fire Officers where we suspect similarities exist.”

Meanwhile, Ron Hogg, the APCC Lead on Workforce said:

“As the APCC Lead for Workforce I welcome these measures, in particular the agreement with Chief Constables on revised annual leave and rest day arrangements. I’m grateful to Chief Constables for their assistance in reaching this agreement and believe the greater transparency it brings will provide more clarity for Chiefs, whilst bringing benefits to the police service as a whole.”  


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