APCC Responds to Hate Crime Figures Covering 2017 Terrorist Attacks


Responding to the release of hate crime statistics covering the period of 2017 UK terrorist attacks Hardyal Dhindsa, APCC national portfolio lead for Hate Crime, welcomed the publication of these figures, saying it was important to understand the drivers for all hate crime to ensure there was an appropriately resourced response.

“Hate crime is insidious and we need to work together tackle the root causes. For example, acts of terrorism don’t simply maim and murder innocent bystanders, they clearly induce acts of hate, creating a wider circle of victims.  We must stop this revolving door.

“Hatred has never spawned harmony or solution. While the spikes in hate crime post the recent terror attacks are unwelcome, they are thankfully relatively short-lived.  It’s clear to me that the wider public appreciates that unity in our communities and celebration of difference is a more effective response to those that seek to divide us, than aggression, hate and violence. As a society we need to make it clear that we are a civilised nation where hate crime is totally unacceptable.

“Sadly, it is one of the most under-reported crimes, something I seek to change. I want to shine a spotlight on this all too often hidden crime as this leads to people suffering in silence.  I would like to encourage people to come forward to report incidents and reassure them that when they do they will be treated with sensitivity.  I would also like to stress that support is available to help them recover from their experience.”

The Figures published by the National Police Chiefs’ Council are available here.


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