APCC response to Chancellor’s Autumn Statement


Responding to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement today Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner, who chairs the APCC’s Resources, Efficiency and Strategic Finance Standing Group and Hertfordshire PCC David Lloyd, who is Vice Chair of the same group, said:

“As the recent HMIC report highlighted, policing in England and Wales has risen well to the financial challenges it faces, in many ways working innovatively to maintain efficiency and effectiveness.

“The Chancellor made it very clear that there will be further demanding savings targets next year and in future years.  Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are working hard with their chief constables to ensure that every possible efficiency is being made while limiting the impact on service delivery.  Delivering further savings through efficiencies will, however, inevitably become more demanding over time.

“Part of the job of Police and Crime Commissioners is to listen to what the public is telling them and many are being told that there are concerns about the resilience of the service to withstand further significant pressures.

“PCCs will now take some time to assess what the Autumn statement may mean for them, as much still depends on announcements yet to be made in relation to grant allocations for next year. They will shortly be entering into discussions with the Home Secretary regarding grant allocations and we will comment further once more details are known.”


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