APCC response to HMIC ‘State of Policing’ report


Responding to the release of the HMIC ‘State of Policing’ report, Chair of the APCC Performance, Standards and Accountability Group, Sussex PCC Katy Bourne said: 

“The Chief HMIC’s Annual Assessment shows nearly all forces were graded as “Good” in cutting crime and crime prevention and in tackling anti-social behaviour.  Most forces also provide “Good “or “Outstanding” value for money.

“Taxpayers, crime victims and PCCs want to know whether their police force is providing the most effective and efficient service possible and the police need their trust and confidence to do this.

PEEL inspections are focused on effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy providing a clear picture of individual and comparative force performance.   As PCCs, we believe this is a positive improvement in transparency, helping us in our roles in holding chief officers to account.  It also helps focus minds on what the taxpayer receives for £13bn each year.

“In general, HMIC commends forces for coping with savings forecast to be £2.35bn, noting that forces are protecting front line services but we agree with the observation that business as usual will not be sustainable.   Part of delivering better value will come from close partnership working with other agencies and we must continue to strengthen these relationships.

“HMIC reminds us that the policing by public consent model only works with public trust. We are pleased that the Chief HMIC says that public accountability through PCCs (and the media) is the “proper price” for the powers and funding that the police receive.  We welcome HMIC’s PEEL inspection process for contributing rigour and transparency to police performance and accountability.”

Nick Alston, chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, said: “I welcome this report from HMIC which provides a summary of national police performance as well as reports on individual forces. Police and Crime Commissioners around the country will today be taking the opportunity to comment on their experience of the increasing number of HMIC inspections and the findings in relation to the forces in their areas.

“I share the concerns highlighted in the report around the lack of understanding and slow police response in dealing with emerging offences, such as internet enabled crime and child sexual exploitation. It is for PCCs to appoint and hold to account Chief Constables who – against the unwelcome reality of reducing budgets and resources – must build, within the police service, the leadership and professionalism to deliver the modern efficient forces we need to meet the challenges of crime today and tomorrow.”

The HMIC report and further information about the PEEL inspections can be found here


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