APCC response to HMICFRS report – Cyber: Keep the light on


APCC response to HMICFRS report – Cyber: Keep the light on - An Inspection of the police response to the cyber-dependent crime:

Clive Grunshaw, APCC Lead for Fraud and Cyber Crime said: "I welcome the publication of this inspection into the police response to cyber-dependent crime. It is positive to note that the police response to cyber-dependent crime is considered generally to be good, however challenges remain and will need to be addressed.

"Police forces need to be properly resourced and the findings that capability and capacity are often based on available budgets rather than an understanding of demand is a real concern.

"The inspection report has recognised issues with funding pressures and the ability of forces to sustain funding levels when the current funding from the Police Transformation Fund runs out. If forces are to respond effectively to the growing threat from cyber-dependent crime then more work needs to be done to understand demand on forces and understanding of where funding will come from post 2020.

"Cyber-dependent crime is not going away and it is important that the response from forces is effective. The inspectorate’s recommendation to revise current police structure is important and we will want to work, with our partners, to look at ways in which we can more effectively respond to cyber-dependent crime."

HMICFRS report.


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