APCC Response to HMICFRS State of Policing Report


APCC Chair, Katy Bourne OBE, PCC for Sussex said:

“Today’s State of Policing Report rightfully recognises the dedication of police officers during the current pandemic. The overwhelming majority of the public have cooperated with police who have followed the four E’s approach, using enforcement only as a last resort and Police and Crime Commissioners continue to work closely with our Chief Constables to ensure our communities remain safe.

“The scope of modern criminality is an ongoing challenge for policing and it is right that policing partners continue to work together at all levels. The Police Uplift programme presents an important and unique opportunity for policing to respond to the challenges and ensure that forces better represent the communities they serve.

“We welcome the report’s acknowledgement around the challenges presented by single year funding settlements as this often provides unnecessary barriers to innovation and long-term development. Currently, PCCs are working with our partners to get the best deal for policing in the upcoming spending review.

“The unfortunate backlog of cases now facing the courts is also a concern and one which PCCs continue to raise with Ministers. Wherever they can, PCCs will keep driving improvements across criminal justice and speaking out for victims, particularly through their local criminal justice boards.

“Finally, prevention is a key objective of policing and PCCs are making a real difference in this area. We are working successfully with partners across not just policing but fire and rescue services, health, social care, local authorities and charities to drive tangible results. By investing resources in prevention, including through Violence Reduction Units, we know we can keep our communities safe, improve resilience and successfully tackle the drivers that lead to crime.”


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