APCC response to latest ONS and Home Office crime statistics


Responding to today’s Office of National Statistics statistical crime bulletin for year ending December 2019, APCC Performance lead, Matthew Scott PCC said:

‘The Crime Survey for England and Wales has found that crime fell by 5% in 2019. This is testament to the hard work of police officers and staff throughout last year, including the thousands of new recruits local people have paid for through their council tax precepts.

‘That there has been marked decreases in recorded incidents of theft, burglary, and deaths on our roads, is particularly pleasing to see. Knife crime in our cities remains a concern but one which is being addressed by PCC-led initiatives such as Violence Reduction Units. Data for early 2020, when published this summer, will show further decreases in recorded crime partly as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown measures.

‘Still, statistics are not a perfect measure of police performance. It can never reflect all the great work policing does – things like community engagement, crime prevention, safeguarding victims, or dealing with people in mental health crisis. When holding Chief Constables to account, PCCs will continue to consider all of these issues, rather than relying on raw data alone.’


Also, on today’s Home Office crime outcomes statistics, APCC Deputy Performance Lead, Keith Hunter PCC said:

‘The present statistics for police recorded crime outcomes in England and Wales show a worryingly steady decline in the number of charged/summonsed outcomes assigned to offences, including for serious offences such as violence against the person and rape.

‘In the current crisis, we anticipate that some offences including domestic abuse will increase, and it is important to consider the impact that today’s figures will have on the public’s faith in the criminal justice system. We need to be seen to be delivering justice to encourage people to come forward and report crime.

‘Police and Crime Commissioners will continue to work closely with criminal justice partners to ensure resources are available to deliver the right outcomes to the public.’


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