APCC response to latest ONS crime statistics


APCC Performance lead, Matthew Scott said:

In response to scrutiny, police forces up and down the country have been improving how they record crime, which is good news for victims.

“However, a knock-on effect of improved recording practices is that published raw data is then difficult to compare with past data. In truth, the Police Recorded Crime figures and the Crime Survey for England and Wales are both flawed as absolute measures of police performance.

“Instead, every local Police and Crime Commissioner holds their own Chief Constable to account by understanding the various demands their own force faces – around 80% of which is non-crime related – and by assessing how effective and efficient their force is at meeting those demands. And where there are concerns around specific issues, PCCs are helping to find solutions as I have been doing with my Violence Reduction Challenge in Kent, for example.”

APCC Deputy Performance Lead, Keith Hunter said:

“Today’s figures highlights some of the challenges that policing is currently facing. There are some worrying trends, particularly relating to serious violence and there is no doubt that demand on the service is increasing as is the complexity of the cases forces deal with. PCCs are working closely with the National Police Chiefs’ Council and the Home Office to review our demand and resources in the run up to the next Government spending review.”


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