APCC response to police officer uplift announcement


Responding to the first wave of funding allocations as part of the police officer uplift, APCC finance Lead, PCC Roger Hirst, and Deputy Lead, PCC Paddy Tipping, said:

“Police and Crime Commissioners will welcome today’s announcement as it enables police forces around England and Wales to recruit of thousands of new officers with immediate effect.

“The additional funding for officers is extremely welcome and a huge opportunity for policing. PCCs, working with their Chief Constables, will be stepping up to this challenge locally to help make all of our communities safer. 

“In addition, we will continue to engage with the Home Office in the months ahead, representing the views of all PCCs, to ensure that the work on the new police funding formula is progressed. The current formula is outdated, doesn’t match the current patterns of demand and we are looking at the next two tranches of funding to be based on a revised formula.”


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