APCC response to the Forensic Science Regulator Annual Report


Commenting on the release of the Forensic Science Regulator Annual Report, APCC Public Engagement and Community Confidence Lead, Mark Burns-Williamson PCC said:

“We welcome the report from the Forensic Science Regulator (FSR) and note its findings.

“The report comes at a crucial time as we are in the process of completely overhauling forensics across the country.

“The Police Reform Transformation Board, through the Transformation Fund, has spent £7m over the last two years to improve forensics, increasing efficiency and introducing ground breaking new technology. Over the next few years the results of this work will be felt across England and Wales and should address a number of the points raised in the FSR’s report.

“We also recognise that some police forces are still to receive accreditation. The FSR highlight the impact of the cuts to policing, clearly police forces and PCCs are having to prioritise the requirement to reduce costs. However, we know forces are committed to receiving accreditation in the near future – they are still operating in a landscape post the national Forensic Science Service (FSS) abolition and are putting quality sustainable alternative solutions in place.

“It is absolutely crucial that police forces are held to the highest standards on forensics. Both locally and nationally Police and Crime Commissioners will continue to work with their Chief Constables, the Forensic Science Regulator and the APCC to ensure this invaluable tool is used effectively to fight crime and get justice for victims.”


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