APCC response to today's crime statistics


Responding to today’s crime statistics, APCC Performance lead, Marc Jones PCC said:

“The Crime Survey for England and Wales shows an encouraging nine per cent reduction in crime for the year up until the end of March. Whilst we know that an increase in recorded crime is influenced by improvements in reporting practices, we know that we need to work tirelessly to reduce all types of crime.

“We know, from provisional data, that the subsequent lockdown has had a significant impact on crime over the last four months - policing figures today show that crime is 14 per cent lower for the period to 5 July. PCCs have played a vital role during this period in helping to secure additional funding for victims and working strategically with our Chief Constables to ensure that policing has been able to adapt and deploy resources to reduce crime and support the most vulnerable.

“The figures for police recorded crime outcomes continue to show a worryingly steady decline in the number of charged/summonsed outcomes assigned to offences. People need to have confidence in policing and the criminal justice system and PCCs, as locally elected criminal justice leaders, will continue to drive a more accountable system anchored in the needs of our communities.”


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