APCC Road Safety Lead on National Speed Awareness Course report


Alison Hernandez, APCC Road Safety Lead and PCC for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly said:

“Road safety is a key priority for Police and Crime Commissioners. It is one of the key issues raised by the public and accidents on our roads have a significant impact on individuals, families, communities and our economy. “

“Speed remains one of the major causes of death and serious injury on our roads and if we are serious about keeping people safe we need to make sure we effectively tackle excessive speed. If we want to improve driver behaviour and safety on a long term basis we need to have robust enforcement of speed limits as a way of educating people to drive safely.”

“Today’s publication of the research carried out by IPSOS MORI highlights the contribution that speed awareness courses can play in improving driver behaviour and compliance over the 3 year period covered by the study. As the national APCC Lead for Road Safety, I will be working closely with my colleagues across policing to consider the report’s findings in detail over the coming weeks.”

Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Roads Policing said:

“I welcome today’s report which suggests that attending speed awareness courses can have some beneficial effects on driver behaviour and road safety and I will be looking at its findings in detail”

The National Speed Awareness Course: impact evaluation report can be found here.


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