APCC statement on the resignation of Shaun Wright


APCC statement on the resignation of Shaun Wright

It is essential for Police and Crime Commissioners and all those involved in keeping our communities safe to retain the confidence of the public and victims.  It is clear that Shaun Wright had lost the confidence of the public and of victims in South Yorkshire.  His decision to resign is the right thing to do in the interests of the communities that PCCs are elected to serve and to protect.

The Association of Police & Crime Commissioners recognises the need for the legislation governing PCCs to be strengthened in several areas.  The APCC has been undertaking work on this for several months.

Enhancing the democratic accountability of PCCs

The resignation of Shaun Wright makes the need to review the legislation even clearer. We need better rules for elections and sharper mechanisms to scrutinise the work of PCCs. We also need to ensure that effective arrangements are in place for situations where there is no PCC in a force area.

The APCC will be happy to offer any assistance to the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel that they consider useful as they appoint the Acting PCC and plans are made for the by-election in South Yorkshire.

Nick Alston, APCC Chairman on behalf of the APCC Board

The members of the APCC Board are:

Nick Alston, Essex

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire

Ron Ball, Warwickshire

Ian Johnston, Gwent

Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester

Vera Baird QC, Northumbria

Simon Duckworth, City of London



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