APCC Statement – Resignation of Chief Executive


The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners Board said:

“Nazir agreed and signed a contract when he took up the post of chief executive of the APCC confirming that he would not do any media without the consent of the APCC Board.

“This is essential because the APCC is made up of Conservatives, Labour, Plaid Cymru and Independent PCCs, the role of chief executive is politically restricted and the organisation apolitical.

“Nazir told the Board that he intended to go on Question Time to discuss the recent events in Manchester. The Board, made up of all parties, advised that it would be inappropriate for him to do so, given the number of contentious issues relating to policing which could be raised especially in discussion with politicians who were appearing and during purdah. He resigned from his post in order to make this appearance.

“We thank him for his service during his year at the APCC.”


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