APCC warmly welcomes Provisional Police Funding Settlement


The Government has today published its Provisional Police Funding Settlement for 2021/22.

Commenting on the Minister of State for Crime and Policing's statement, APCC Finance Lead Roger Hirst said: "PCCs warmly welcome the Government’s continued commitment to policing, especially the 20,000 officer Police Uplift Programme.

"Forces stand ready to recruit 6,000 officers next year, in addition to the 6,000 we are recruiting in the current year, and we look forward to recruiting another 8,000 in 2022/23. This comes on top of the recruitment which PCCs have already achieved through the council tax precept. We recognise this settlement is against the background of severe economic hardship, and stretched Government finances, and acknowledge the commitment this shows to improving community safety. Of course PCCs will also continue to work together to share good ideas and implement efficiencies, including £20m of savings through the BlueLight Commercial organisation."
Deputy Finance Lead Paddy Tipping added:

"Around £288million of the extra funding for next year is reliant on PCCs choosing to increase a Band D households’ annual council tax bill by £15. We have some tough decisions to make but will make them in consultation with residents and by taking in account our own force’s unique circumstances."


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