Further £35m for PCC-led Violence Reduction Units in 2021/22

The Government has announced a further £35.5 million to help Violence Reduction Units (VRUs) across the country tackle serious violence and prevent young people being drawn into it.
Mark Burns-Williamson OBE, APCC Lead for Serious Violence and PCC for West Yorkshire, said:
“Police and Crime Commissioners are pleased that Ministers and the Home Office have recognised the value and ongoing work of our Violence Reduction Units by committing to another year of funding. Today’s announcement means we will continue to invest in projects which support young people in particular, diverting them away from violence, harm and exploitation.
“Robust police enforcement is important in bringing violent offenders to justice and protecting communities. But when partners come together, recognising what can be achieved by adopting a wider public-health approach, we can also address some of the longer-term underlying issues and prevent violence in the first place with effective early intervention measures.
“We will continue to make the case for sustained VRU investment into the next Comprehensive Spending Review to ensure a lasting positive impact in our communities.”


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