Government's review into the role of PCCs: Part Two


Responding to the announcement of Part Two of the Review, APCC Chair Marc Jones said:

“Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) welcome Part Two of the Government’s review into the role of PCCs, which was launched on Wednesday (27 July).

“PCCs have engaged constructively with the Review throughout, and it has provided an important opportunity to build on the learning and developments since the role was created nine years ago.

“We are already working closely with government and policing partners in delivering on the recommendations of Part One of the Review, and today we welcome the start of the second phase of the process of unlocking the full potential of the PCC role, with a strong focus on developing our role across criminal justice, reducing reoffending, anti-social behaviour (ASB) and prevention.

“We will be developing a compelling response to the Review, bringing together the views and experiences of PCCs alongside case studies from local partners and communities, to show how we can work more effectively to tackle some of the critical issues that the public tell us impact on them most.

“We believe that with the right levers, PCCs could play a leading role in improving the criminal justice journey for victims and witnesses and ensuring fewer offenders reoffend. Whilst PCCs are known for their work around policing, their role in wider criminal justice, reducing reoffending and prevention is less known – yet equally critical in keeping our communities safe. Currently, cases take too long to get to court. Justice delayed is justice denied for victims of crime. PCCs chair their local criminal justice boards. We want to see these Boards strengthened to be able to deliver more improvements locally so that more people have confidence in local criminal justice services.

“We welcome the inclusion of ASB in the review. This is a key priority for PCCs, and we know that much more needs to be done to support victims of ASB and stop ASB from happening in the first place. We want to work more effectively with local partners and to use the full range of tools and powers available to us to tackle ASB and also drug misuse – and where we need more powers, we will make the case to government.

“PCCs would welcome a strengthened role in commissioning local reducing reoffending services, working alongside probation, local authority, and wider partners to help break the cycle of reoffending.

“The Government’s commitment to continue to develop the PCC role is testament to what we have achieved to date. We want to build on this – above all to cut crime, support victims and keep our communities safe.”

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