HMIC Police Effectiveness 2015 Report response


Sussex PCC responds to HMIC Police Effectiveness 2015 Report

Responding to the HMIC Police Effectiveness 2015 report published today, Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners Standards, Performance and Accountability group said:

“The report acknowledges that overall the police service is good at preventing crime and anti-social behaviour. This is down to the hard work of police officers up and down the country and increasingly effective partnership working and cross –border collaboration.

“The report recognises that Police and Crime Commissioners have put victims at the heart of everything we do. While there has been good work by police forces across the country to support the most vulnerable people in our society, we know that more can be done.”

There are good examples of specific and creative campaigns to protect children and vulnerable adults from sexual exploitation. However, only 25% of forces were judged to be good, and that is disappointing for victims in the other 75% of force areas. I am however, encouraged, that HMIC found big improvements in how forces respond to domestic abuse.”

“All forces should heed HMIC’s observation that they are better at dealing with conventional serious and organised crime rather than cyber crime and Child Sexual Exploitation- especially when a particular area of concern from HMIC is how some forces need to improve their digital forensic capabilities to avoid delays to investigation.

“The warning that neighbourhood policing must be protected is one that Police and Crime Commissioners take seriously. It is inevitable that a variety of local policing models will be deployed by different forces depending on local demographics and crime hot spots.”

“PCCs have made it a priority to protect their neighbourhoods so that forces deliver a service that balances the expectations of our communities and serves a real policing purpose.”


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