Legalisation of Cannabis (Medicinal Purposes) Ten Minute Rule Motion – APCC Response


Ahead of this week’s Parliamentary motion which would allow for the production, supply, possession and use of cannabis and cannabis resin for medicinal purposes, Hardyal Dhindsa, APCC Portfolio Lead on Alcohol & Substance Misuse said:

“Whilst there are a wide range of views amongst Police and Crime Commissioners, as an Association we welcome the debate around the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes and the impact that our current drugs policy has on policing.

“There are already a number of options available to the police for dealing with people caught in possession of cannabis, to ensure that enforcement is proportionate and responsive. PCCs are leading on innovative local strategies which balance enforcement with a focus on rehabilitation and recovery, and I am encouraged to see the different approaches taken across England and Wales driving forward our understanding of what works.

“More broadly, I would urge everyone committed to tackling the complex issues that substance misuse creates to work together. Police and Crime Commissioners can make a crucial difference at a local level by leading on partnership and collaboration initiatives and facilitating multi agency working, and nationally we are working closely with our partners in health, criminal justice and policing to support effective interventions and treatment.

“As Portfolio Lead I will continue to explore all of these issues with my colleagues, and to engage in the wider debate inside and outside of policing on how we can achieve the right balance to reduce the terrible harms of drug use and cut crime in our communities.”


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