New consequences for drug possession


APCC Leads respond to Government’s White Paper entitled ‘Swift, Certain, Tough. New Consequences for Drug Possession’.

In a joint statement Addictions and Substance Misuse Leads and Police and Crime Commissioners Joy Allen (Durham) and David Sidwick (Dorset), said: 

“The use of illicit drugs destroys lives and wreaks havoc in our communities. If we are to see a significant reduction in the demand for illegal drugs we need to see a generational shift in attitudes.

“We welcome the proposals for a swift, certain and tough approach to drug possession, with an initial focus on drug awareness, education and an escalating scale of sanctions, and we will work with the government and our partners to develop this approach.

“We do however need to be cautious in labelling dangerous drugs like cannabis, ketamine, powdered cocaine and nitrous oxide as ‘recreational’. These are extremely harmful substances and the drug market through which they are supplied exploits vulnerable people and is the source of misery and violence. 

“As PCCs we have already led the way and are making a real difference within communities with the introduction of diversion schemes to support and divert low level offenders away from the criminal justice system and in funding support programmes to improve outcomes for people and prevent re-offending.

Through convening local partnerships, we have a central role in driving implementation locally and we are committed to working with the government in delivering under all three pillars set out in the 10-year drugs strategy.


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