New mental health provisions – APCC response


In response to new mental health provisions coming into force today, APCC National Lead for Mental Health, Matthew Scott PCC said:

“Police and Crime Commissioners welcome the changes which came into force today, placing significant restrictions on the use of police cells for adults experiencing a mental health crisis. However, we remain deeply concerned about the availability of places of safety in a healthcare setting for those in crisis.

“While policing has demonstrated its commitment assisting those in mental health crisis where it is appropriate, there remain multiple unresolved problems outside of policing. Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Health Boards need to identify hospitals for urgent admissions. The provision of these and other facilities has been inadequate for far too long, and today’s changes will further place police custody officers in an untenable position.

“A police cell is not the right place for anyone in mental health crisis.  It remains our commitment to work alongside police forces with Government, the NHS and other partners to find a way forward as the changes are implemented.”


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