Officers' pay freeze 'does not sit well given their outstanding service through these unprecedented times'


The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners Chair Marc Jones has issued a statement following the Government’s decision to accept the recommendations of the Police Remuneration Review Body, freezing police officer pay for those earning more than £24,000 in 2021/22.

He said: “No one doubts the nation is facing some difficult decisions as we try to recover from the economic ravages of the pandemic. There will be some very tough judgements to make and I’m glad that officers on salaries under £24,000 will still receive a pay rise.

“However, while I understand the financial challenges I also recognise that police officers have played their part in a decade of vital public sector pay restraint and have provided a crucial role in the most trying of circumstances safeguarding our community during a national emergency.

“It is my view, and the view of the many PCC colleagues I have spoken to from around the country, that it does not sit well to see officers overlooked given their outstanding service through these unprecedented times. I know well the Home Secretary's commitment to policing and her respect for the officers and staff who deliver for our communities under incredible pressures.

“As Chair of the APCC, along with our Finance and Workforce leads, I will be writing directly to the Home Secretary to offer the APCC's support in ensuring a fair and equitable settlement from central Government moving forward.”

Workforce Lead Kim McGuinness added: “This announcement is a grave disappointment to police officers who this past year have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the public safe. Their representatives have expressed in very clear terms their anger at the decision and have walked away from the pay review body process.

“When others were staying home, our officers were out in their communities enforcing constantly-changing Covid-19 restrictions. They have endured exceptional pressures; they have been physically and verbally assaulted; and spat at. They were denied priority access to vaccines, putting themselves and their families at risk.

“And now, with this, I fear Government risks permanently damaging its relationship with rank and file officers.”


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