PCC welcomes next stage of review into drugs misuse in the UK


The APCC’s national lead for Drugs and Alcohol and Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Hardyal Dhindsa has today welcomed the latest phase of a national review into the misuse of illegal drugs in England. 

Mr Dhindsa, who contributed evidence to the first phase of the review, said too many lives and communities were being destroyed by illegal drugs and welcomed further research into how treatment services can help those with drug dependency achieve and sustain their recovery.

The PCC is expected to be involved in the second phase of the of independent review being led by Professor Dame Carol Black, which will consider the provision of treatment and recovery services for drug users as well as focus on how to prevent the misuse of drugs among adults and young people.

Mr Dhindsa said: “I welcome the second phase of Dame Black’s Review which switches focus to the solutions, including how we help people to achieve long-term recovery and how we might prevent them from becoming dependent in the first place. 

“This is where all the relevant areas of government can come together with stakeholders to discuss action and identify what else is needed to stop more tragedies impacting families and wider society.

“Drug misuse tears lives apart and presents us with significant demand and economic challenges. This is where all of us have a chance to make a difference and deliver positive change.”

The second stage of the review aims to ensure vulnerable people with substance misuse problems receive the support they need to turn their lives around whether in the community or in prison.

It will consider a broad spectrum of services and treatment options including mental health provision, housing, employment and the criminal justice system. 

Professor Dame Carol Black has been appointed to lead the review following her initial report commissioned by the Home Office, which looked at the challenges around drug supply and demand. It found drug deaths are at an all-time high, the market has become much more violent and drugs are costing society billions of pounds every year.

Find out more about phase two of the Review here and for details of how PCCs are tackling substance misuse issues please take a look at our PCCs Making a Difference publications here.


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