Prime Minister’s Announcement on Mental Health – APCC Portfolio Lead for Mental Health Responds


Responding to the Prime Minister’s announcement on mental health, Martyn Underhill, the APCC Portfolio Lead on Mental Health has made the following statement: 

Amongst other measures, the PM has pledged:

  • New support for schools, with every secondary school to be offered mental health first aid training.
  • Stronger partnerships with employers to improve support in the workplace, to enable employees with mental health problems to thrive in the workplace and perform at their best.
  • Further investment in community-based support for mental health as an alternative to hospital, such as crisis cafes and community clinics.

”The Prime Minister’s announcement that her Government is committed to transforming the way that mental health problems are dealt with across society is to be welcomed

”Currently one in four of us experience mental health issues in our lifetimes and  PCCs will be engaging with schools, workplaces and other local partners around the country, to ensure that everyone has access to the services that they require to lead happy and healthy lives.

”The newly constituted APCC Mental Health Portfolio group will coordinate PCC activities in this area on a national level, and will assist Government as it develops its policy in this area, through providing the PCCs’ ‘on-the-ground’ perspectives on what action is needed.

As the PM rightly stated, for too long those living with mental health problems have suffered a ‘hidden injustice’. Through collaboration between different organisations on both the local and national level, we can work towards bringing this issue further into the light, and ensuring that nobody is left to suffer in silence.”

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