PRTB Chair welcomes funding for police transformation


Responding to the Home Office announcement of funding awarded through the Police Transformation Fund, David Lloyd PCC, Chair of the Police Reform and Transformation Board, said:

“The Board welcomes the further investment in policing that has been committed through today’s announcement. Transformation funding is delivering new capabilities locally, regionally and nationally to protect communities from harm and create a modern and responsive Service for the public.

“The £70m investment in national technology programmes will transform the way police work with each other, building a digitally enabled police service, and making it easier for the public to engage with the police. We are improving the quality of our digital investigations, our ability to work with our partners in the criminal justice system and modernising policing’s forensic and biometrics capability. In addition, we are giving the police more of the tools and capabilities to respond quickly and efficiently to serious and organised crime and new crime types.

“As well as improving capability, we are delivering efficiencies for policing and the public by freeing up our officer’s time and creating cash savings through joint working. With over £323m invested in policing since May 2016, police transformation projects are delivering for the public: protecting the vulnerable, preventing crime and providing support to victims across England and Wales.”

Further information about the announcement and a full list of successful bids is available here.


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