Responding to the Government response to the Home Affairs Committee Report “Police and Crime Commissioners: here to stay”, APCC Chair Vera Baird QC said:


“The APCC welcomes the Government’s recognition that the PCCs have bought levels of scrutiny, leadership and engagement to local policing that did not exist previously.

“The Report identifies a number of areas which need further work and attention, in particular around the reform of the police funding formula. The APCC is currently engaging with the Government and others to secure a workable solution so that PCCs can plan ahead with confidence.

“PCCs are now firmly part of the policing landscape and will continue to work with the Government on how best to develop the role, where it is right for the public that they represent.

“Last week, speaking at the annual Policing Summit, both the Home Secretary and Policing and Fire Services Minister highlighted the need for police, fire and rescue and emergency ambulance services to collaborate, where doing so would improve their efficiency or effectiveness. Measures in the current Policing and Crime Bill will introduce such a duty and enable PCCs to take on parts of the police complaints process.

“With a stronger mandate from the people they serve and the confidence of the Government, PCCs are pursuing the innovative and ambitious reforms necessary to improve the service for the benefit of the public.

“APCC and the NPCC have now published Policing Vision 2025, which set out how police chiefs and PCCs will work together to ensure that the public get an efficient and responsive service that is able to tackle the future challenges and embrace the future opportunities of policing.”



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