Response to the NFU Mutual Rural Crime Report


Responding to the NFU Mutual Rural Crime Report, Julia Mulligan, chair of the National Rural Crime Network and Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, said:

 “The NFU Mutual’s report once again highlights the need for police across the country to provide a strong service in rural communities. Both as Police and Crime Commissioner, and Chair of the National Rural Crime Network, I will continue to challenge the police on their commitment to rural areas as people living in the countryside deserve as strong a policing presence as their urban counterparts.

“So far, we have had some success in this work, for example on the back of the NRCN’s 2015 survey, we have seen a significant increase in the number of dedicated rural policing teams deployed around the country. However, there is still a way to go, as this report from NFU Mutual highlights.”


The National Rural Crime Network (NRCN) is a membership group made up of Police and Crime Commissioners from across the political spectrum, and organisations interested in community safety and/or rural affairs, such as Crimestoppers, Countryside Alliance, NFU, NFU Mutual and Historic England, to name a few.

Members have the ability to reach and engage with thousands of people living, working and enjoying rural England and Wales, working collectively to ensure government, policy, and service groups listen to the voice of the countryside.


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