This is a significant step for the criminal justice system


Donna Jones, Joint Victims Lead for the APCC and PCC for Hampshire and Isle of Wight has reacted to the government’s amendment to the upcoming Victims Bill which will now recognise children born as a result of rape as victims for the first time.

Responding to the announcement, she said: “This is a significant step for the criminal justice system and for children’s rights. It is estimated that thousands of children are conceived from rape each year and before now, there wasn’t anything in place to officially support them.

“Children born in these circumstances are victims too, they must always have access to the support they need, throughout their life. This change to the Victims Bill will mean that children will have access to vital therapy and counselling, and ongoing support services and psychological guidance.

“Providing support for and protecting children should be the number one priority for any government. This amendment means Britain is leading the way in recognising children born from rape are victims in their own right, which is a really positive step.”


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