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About the APCC

The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) is a company limited by guarantee. The APCC services are overseen and directed by the Chairman and board of Directors.

The APCC offers the following services to members:

  • Provides Information on national policing policy issues and legislation.
  • Consults PCCs to enable them to develop policy positions and to influence change.
  • Facilitates the leadership of PCCs on national governance structures such as the College of Policing, National Crime Agency, Police Reform and Transformation Board and other police professional bodies (and fire and rescue bodies).
  • Provides a range of opportunities for members to come together to debate and discuss national policing and criminal justice policy and engage with senior stakeholders.
  • Assists PCCs to share practice and identify ways to achieve efficiencies through collaboration.
  • Support those PCCs seeking to take on and fulfill fire and rescue governance responsibilities.

Why is a national body to represent PCCs needed?

It is by coming together that PCCs will be best able to influence change. A national body helps PCCs make the most of their ability to influence at a national level, and deliver on their manifesto promises.   PCCs have an important contribution to make to how national policing services are governed, such as the National Crime Agency and the Police Professional Body. The APCC supports PCCs in providing this leadership at a national level.   By sharing best practice and identifying opportunities to work together, or paying for services jointly, the APCC helps PCCs be more efficient and effective.   If PCCs identify barriers to delivering their local plans, the APCC takes co-ordinated action that can help remove barriers at a national level.

Who are members of APCC?

All 40 PCCs are members of the APCC, alongside the City of London Police Authority, the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime for the Greater London Authority, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Jersey Police Authority. A number of our PCCs also hold statutory responsibility for fire and rescue governance (Police, Fire and Crime Commissioners or PFCCs).

How are services provided by the APCC?

The APCC is supported by a small, focused team of policing policy professionals with a wide range of experience of representing the interests of local police governance bodies at a national level. Following changes in legislation that allow PCCs to take on fire and rescue governance our approach has expanded to include support specific to PFCCs, including fire policy advice and guidance.

In November 2016 the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners adopted a new portfolio approach in which Police and Crime Commissioners have been given the responsibility to lead on policy development in the 20 newly configured portfolio areas. The full list of portfolio areas, leads and deputy leads is available in our portfolio area

Further information

PCC websites locally also contain more information about PCC plans, priorities and activities. These also set out information about their staff structure, policies, and a range of financial information, including contracts, expenditure and information about their expenses and gifts/hospitality registers.

PCC websites also have links to local force websites, which set out more information about force activities, how to contact the force, the chief officer team and a range of other financial information about the force, including the gifts/hospitality register for chief officers. For those areas where there is a PFCC, local websites will include the same information for fire and rescue.

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