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In delivering on its priorities, the APCC is supported by a small team of policing and criminal justice  professionals with a wide range of expertise and experience in policy, programme management, communications and public affairs, and in representing the interests of local police governance bodies at a national level.

In November 2016 a new national portfolio approach was introduced in which Police and Crime Commissioners were given lead responsibility on specific areas of policy development across national portfolio areas.

This section of the website allows you to find out more on the national portfolio areas, leads and deputy leads and how the APCC supports and enables PCCs to deliver on them.

APCC Business Priorities

APCC business priorities explained in a graphic.

APCC Portfolios

List of national portfolio areas that PCCs lead on around policy development.

PCCs Making A Difference

Work that PCCs are doing to make a positive and lasting difference in their local communities.

Fire and Rescue Governance

Information on the work of Police, Fire and Crime

Our videos

A selection of short videos highlighting the work of PCCs, both locally and nationally.

Policy Team

List of APCC Policy Team, their responsibilities and contact details.

Police Reform and Transformation

Information on how the APCC and the NPCC are working to reform and transform policing by 2025.

APCC and NPCC Partnership Summit 2020 #policeconf20

Images, video, tweets and links to speeches from the 2020 Partnership Summit.

APCC and NPCC Partnership Summit 2018 #policeconf18

Images, video, tweets and links to speeches from the 2018 Partnership Summit.

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