Marc Jones
Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire
01522 212351

Marc Jones is a prominent figure in public service and community safety, currently serving as the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Lincolnshire, a role he has held since 2016 and before that he was the Executive Councillor for Finance and Property for Lincolnshire County Council.

Marc's extensive experience and leadership capabilities across local, regional and national levels solidify his position as a dedicated advocate for effective and responsive policing and community safety.

The first person to hold the position of Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) for two terms, representing PCCs, elected Mayors and non-Home Office policing bodies such as Civil Nuclear, City Of London and British Transport Police Authorities at a national level. He also oversaw the inclusion of Scotland and Northern Ireland Police Authorities, creating a UK-wide organisation for policing governance for the first time.

Marc has influenced significant change across a range of policing and community safety areas and has held prominent positions in the police governance landscape such as national lead for serious and organised crime, victim services and child protection, as well as rural and heritage, and has sat on a number of Ministerial boards to shape national policy and legislation.

He is a passionate member of the National Board of the College of Policing, the Open University Partnership & Advisory Review Board and a Trustee of the National Police Arboretum Memorial Trust.

Locally Marc is driven to see effective and efficient partnerships keeping our communities feeling and being safe, to drive down crime and to ensure the policing service is one that residents can be truly proud of.

NB: Marc is Vice Chair of the APCC 

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Plan 2021 to 2025