APCC Chair, Donna Jones, comments on the Policing Productivity Review published today


APCC Chair, Donna Jones, comments on the Policing Productivity Review published today:

“This is an important and timely report, both because the pressures on policing are growing, and because the means to combat crime are advancing exponentially.

“The increase in Police numbers as a result of Operation Uplift, and the opportunities afforded by the use of cameras, Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition, mean that the public expects more from policing, including a greater focus on crimes including anti-social behaviour, theft and burglary.

“Police and Crime Commissioners support a greater focus on community policing and are working to ensure that the necessary safeguards and governance mechanisms in relation to the appropriate use of advancing technology, such as live facial recognition surveillance, are in place, recognising key Peelian principle of policing by consent.

“Police and Crime Commissioners are also supportive of Police initiatives, including Right Care Right Person, which ensure that vital policing time is not spent dealing with mental health crisis, but dealt with by the appropriate health and social care agencies. In this way the focus of the review on recognising and removing barriers to productivity can already be seen to deliver tangible gains for the public.

“It is the duty of Police and Crime Commissioners to reflect the public's priorities on policing and to help rebuild trust and confidence in policing. As the report acknowledged, police productivity and efficiency related directly to this agenda.”

The report can be found here.




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