APCC Victims Leads back Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness week


APCC Victims Leads back Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness week and support calls for a further independent review of rape.


Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, said:

“At present, all the evidence leads to us feeling hugely concerned that the criminal justice system is letting down rape and sexual assault survivors.

“Whilst there is always more we can do, PCCs have made significant improvements to local support services for victims, and there is some good work with partners across different regions. However, at a national level we are very concerned that the much-needed National Rape Review lacks leadership, momentum, resources and independence.

“In this week of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness, we call on all parties to urgently take stock of the review and move forward at pace. Too many victims are waiting too long for justice and too many victims are seeing none at all.”


Sophie Linden, London’s Deputy Mayor for Policing said:

“PCCs have a crucial role in supporting victims and survivors both as commissioners of support services to victims and also as senior local elected leaders in the CJS, shining a light on the system where it is failing victims and driving forward the changes needed to ensure that  the victims and survivors are placed at the heart of the criminal justice system. We must ensure that victims and survivors can access the support they need, when they need it and that the criminal justice system does not fail these victims and survivors.”





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