APCC welcomes support for modern slavery victims affected by coronavirus


Speaking in response to the announcement of government-funded safe accommodation for modern slavery victims for the next three months, APCC Modern Slavery Leads, Mark Burns-Williamson PCC and Alison Hernandez PCC said:

“As PCC leads for modern slavery and human trafficking we welcome the measures the Government have announced to ensure victims of trafficking and slavery are provided with crucial accommodation and support during this crisis. Victims of slavery and trafficking are amongst the most vulnerable and it’s right that changes are made now to ensure they are protected and supported to recover from the trauma of their exploitation and abuse.

We have been working with other PCCs, the National Police Chief Council and other key stakeholders to raise awareness of these issues and whilst great progress has been made through the National PCC Network and Modern Slavery Police Transformation Programme, with a greater number of victims being identified, we still have some way to go and we cannot let the current coronavirus crisis add to the suffering of these victims. Supporting victims will help ensure we catch perpetrators and bring them to justice through the courts.

We think it also right that at this time we acknowledge and thank those who work with and support victims across the country for the amazing job they do and hope they can continue this vitally important work and stay safe themselves.”


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