Police Foundation report, “A Diversity Uplift?” - APCC response


APCC Workforce Lead, Kim McGuinness PCC and APCC Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Lead David Munro PCC, commenting on the Police Foundation report, “A Diversity Uplift?”:

“While it’s encouraging that the percentage of female police officers has increased since 2007 it is disappointing that similar improvements haven’t been made in BAME representation. We all know that better workforce representation is important in terms of legitimacy, but also in terms of our forces having the diversity of thought that is one of the hallmarks of outstanding organisations.

“This report confirms that Programme Uplift, the recruitment of 20,000 extra police officers by 2023, is the golden opportunity for the police service to address this issue.

“PCCs know the value of a representative workforce and we will be working hard with Chief Constables, the College of Policing and other policing stakeholders, both nationally and in force, to employ the recruitment and retention strategies that target, identify and attract the diverse people and talents that our service needs.

“This golden opportunity must be grasped.”



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