Sophie Linden
Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime in London - MOPAC
0207 983 4000

Sophie Linden is London’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC). She was a special advisor to David Blunkett in the Department for Education and Employment from 1997-2001, before moving to the Home Office to work with the police in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour as a special advisor until 2004.

From 2006 Sophie was a Councillor at Hackney Council until her appointment by the the Mayor of London. Sophie is a former member of the Local Government Association (LGA) Safer Communities Board, a peer reviewer for the LGA on community safety and a member of the HMIC advisory board on PEEL inspections. Sophie has also worked in the voluntary sector as a campaigns and policy manager campaigning to end child poverty, and in the private sector as a Director of Public Affairs.

Sophie is the APCC Deputy Lead on Criminal Justice System on Efficiency and Effectiveness.

MOPAC DRAFT Police and Crime Plan 2021-25