A probation system which prioritises rehabilitation leads to fewer crimes, and fewer victims


The Government has launched the new, unified Probation Service - to ensure there is better and more consistent supervision of offenders and closer working with the police, NHS and local authorities. 

APCC Criminal Justice Lead and Hertfordshire PCC David Lloyd said: “Police and Crime Commissioners welcome the recent changes to probation services in England and Wales. Serious offenders need close supervision, but a system which also prioritises effective rehabilitation and reduces reoffending leads to fewer crimes, and fewer victims.

“PCCs are already investing in local projects which help offenders to turn their lives around, including schemes which tackle underlying issues such as substance misuse. We also use our convening powers as chairs of Local Criminal Justice Boards to bring criminal justice partners together to seek practical solutions to local problems. Probation services play a key role in this.

“PCCs would like to see those Local Criminal Justice Board powers strengthened. Meanwhile, we are also keen to see that unpaid work undertaken by offenders under the Community Payback scheme makes a real difference. Using our knowledge of our local communities, PCCs can help identify programmes of work which tackle local priorities linked to our Police and Crime Plans. By making better use of the Community Payback resource, we can help make our communities not only more attractive, but more safe too.”


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