APCC response to letter on Policing in The Times


APCC response to letter on Policing in The Times today from a number of former Police Chiefs:

“Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) have brought more transparency and accountability to policing in a way that we haven’t seen previously, helping to coordinate investment at both a national and regional level and putting victims at the heart of the Criminal Justice system. We have seen real improvements in the way that crime is being recorded and the way that victims are being encouraged to come forward.

“It is right that the big decisions about the future of policing, the use of public money, and the commissioning of services, are answerable directly to the public. PCCs are accountable to the public they serve through the ballot box and are scrutinised by their police and crime panels. It is this accountability that is the strength of the model, similar to the elected Mayors’ offices. Through our Police and Crime Plans, we set out the strategies that we have developed collectively with policing, the public and our partners to help prevent and detect crime and to better support victims.

“However, we all know that policing remains stretched and we will continue to make the right case for more and sustained resources to meet the growing demands being placed on our police and community safety services – for example, tackling violent crime in our communities is a long-term challenge starting with young people requiring multi-year investment and a real focus on the right interventions and prevention of crime.

“PCCs are, more than ever before, working effectively with partners to drive positive change beyond policing; in Criminal Justice, mental health, and the wider emergency services in a very challenging environment. We recognise the need to work constructively with the Home Office, Chief Constables and our key partners to ensure that the current policing structures are fit for purpose in meeting the growing complexity and demands placed on the police and law enforcement system.”


Mark Burns-Williamson OBE, APCC Chair

Roger Hirst PFCC, APCC Vice Chair

Martin Surl, APCC Vice Chair



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