APCC response to NPCC FPN Disproportionality Report


APCC Race Disparity working group joint chairs, Julia Mulligan and Paddy Tipping, have responded to today’s Fixed Penalty Notice analysis

Paddy Tipping PCC said:

“We welcome this analysis which highlights the disparities in the way the public health regulations have been enforced and Fixed Penalty Notices issued. PCCs are scrutinising policing practice and procedures in their area and holding their Chief Constable to account.

“APCC has established a cross-portfolio working group to develop a system wide response to issues and concerns in relation to race disparity and disproportionality within policing and the wider criminal justice system. We will be meeting with the NPCC later this week to discuss this report and concerns about race disparity more broadly.”

Julia Mulligan PFCC said:

“Policing is rightly reflecting on itself at the moment, asking difficult but important questions. However, a number of concerns remain, and the data does not fully explain what has actually happened in communities around the country.

“It is vital that police forces look long and hard at the reasons for disparity, where it exists. For example, in my own area there is evidence of a clear bias, showing young Asian males were far more likely to have been issued an FPN than our demographics would suggest. This is down to a range of specific local circumstances, which may or may not be replicated in other areas. I am confident that North Yorkshire Police are taking this seriously and we all need to be confident that this is happening across the piece.”


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