APCC response to the Prime Minister's Covid-19 update


Prime Minister announces a series of new measures as part of the government’s response to coronavirus.

APCC Chair, Paddy Tipping said:

“These new and necessary restrictions are a stark reminder to us all that we must all play our part in trying to control the rise in coronavirus infections.

"PCCs will continue to work with chief constables, partners, and local communities to make sure the right support and resources are in place and that the public understand the rules and indeed the consequences if they are knowingly flout the rules.

"I am pleased that there will be extra funding provided for police and local authorities. PCCs will play an active role in making sure it reaches the parts of policing that need it the most. 

"I believe that the vast majority of the public will adhere to these new restrictions and do their bit to curtail the spread of the virus.

"Police officers will continue to engage, explain, and encourage people to do the right thing before taking enforcement action. I am sure communities will continue to work with them to help reduce the infection rate, save lives and avoid fines."


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