APCC response to violence reduction unit funding announcement


Responding to the news that the Home Office has provisionally allocated up to £35 million to police forces for violence reduction units, APCC Chair and Serious Violence Lead, Mark Burns-Williamson PCC OBE said:

“Additional funding to tackle knife and violent crime of course is welcomed, Police & Crime Commissioners (PCCs) have long since advocated and pushed for a whole system public health approach to reducing violence.

“The new investment in Violent Crime Reduction Units (VRUs) is an important step forward. However, reducing violence is a long-term challenge requiring sustained investment and funding and something which I hope the current Prime Ministerial candidates ponder on very closely. It is essential that funding beyond this first year, already truncated, is found to ensure that VRUs can have a lasting impact on reducing serious violence in our communities which is something all PCCs and key local partners are committed to.”

APCC Serious Violence Deputy Lead, Marc Jones PCC said:

“Whilst any funding to tackle violent crime is welcome, we must ensure that the emerging threats right across the country, including in smaller force areas, are addressed as part of future funding decisions. We know that that best way to reduce violence in our communities is to invest in preventative measures, and PCCs are best placed to deliver this work locally. We will continue our work to ensure a better and more sustainable policing settlement, for all forces.”



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