APCC welcomes publication of outcomes from phase one of PCC Review


The Home Secretary today outlines the recommendations of Part One of the PCC Review, ahead of the upcoming PCC elections in May 2021.

Responding to the announcement, APCC Chair Paddy Tipping said:

“Police and Crime Commissioners are pleased to see the conclusion of the first phase of the PCC Review published. We have engaged constructively with the review throughout and see it as a real opportunity to build on the learning of the past nine years. The Government’s commitment to continue to develop the PCC role is testament to what we have achieved to date.

“PCCs have developed strong and constructive working relationships with Chief Constables, built on a mutual understanding of each other’s distinct roles. By engaging directly with local people in ways which the old Police Authorities never could, PCC give residents a strong voice in setting local police and crime reduction priorities and over how money is spent. To effectively hold Chief Constables to account on the public’s behalf, it is right that transparent and clear processes are in place to drive improvements.

“The APCC and PCCs will continue to work closely with Government and with wider policing partners to play a full and active role in delivering against the recommendations set out, including a review of the Policing Protocol.”

APCC Vice Chair Roger Hirst said:

“PCCs welcome the findings of the review. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have played a key role in ensuring policing has the resources it needs to keep people safe. We have worked closely with partner agencies to ensure a joined up response, including investing additional money in projects to support victims of domestic abuse and prevent acquisitive crime. People are safer when the people charged with protecting them work together.

“Over the past few years, some PCCs including myself, have also taken on responsibility for the governance of fire and rescue services and become Police, Fire and Crime Commissioners (PFCCs). There are real benefits in wider collaboration across emergency services, and PCCs have a key role to play in this. In the review, the Government has announced its intention to consult on a White Paper on the future governance of fire and rescue services. PCCs look forward to engaging closely with Government, the LGA and fire and rescue partners, in taking this work forward together.”

APCC Vice Chair Martin Surl said:

“The PCC review has provided an important opportunity to build on the learning since the role was created. Our role continues to develop, including our critical work in supporting victims of crime in our areas. PCCs directly commission support services, helping victims to cope and recover from the trauma of crime. This work has proved vital in ensuring victims receive the support they need during the Covid pandemic and beyond.

“PCCs have also developed greater transparency and openness through our role, directly consulting with the public in setting local policing and crime priorities and publishing performance on our websites. We are directly accountable to the communities that we serve and welcome the focus on transparency that the review brings.”

PCC Review Advisory Board member PCC Katy Bourne said:

“After nearly nine years and two terms of PCCs, the role has developed into a powerful and representative voice for local people within the crime and justice landscape. My hope is that the second phase of the Review will empower PCCs to take a leading role in improving the criminal justice journey for victims and witnesses and ensuring fewer offenders reoffend.”


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