Covid-19 Impact on Mental Health Partners and Policing


Are people with mental health problems getting the right care, from the right person at the right time during the Covid19 pandemic?

“As APCC Mental Health Lead, I am inviting organisations, including those with experience of working with policing, to share their views on how Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown measures have affected your organisation and service users’ mental health. This important project will help identify what has changed in the pre-Covid-19 landscape and provide an early indication of whether the policies and practices adapted at the time have worked and what needs to change going forwards.”

You can help Matthew by responding to the call for evidence. Questions cover a range of themes, however, please only answer those questions applicable to you.

The written evidence submitted will provide clarity on how the pandemic has affected services and also to help identify ways we can move forward by adopting best practice and adapting or discontinuing different procedures and policies that may have arisen out of necessity during the pandemic.

The project aims to address the following questions:

Q1: Has mental health service provision changed and if so in what ways?

Q2: What changes (positive or negative) have mental health partners experienced in terms of responding to mental health during Covid-19 and lockdown?

Q3: How can PCCs help more in the area of mental health? Can we improve on awareness-raising? How can we work closer with the voluntary sector in improving mental health of our communities?

Q4: What processes/policies would you like to see amended? What would you like to see adopted post-covid? Any current process or policy that should be discontinued?

Q5: Anything else you have learned/seen during the pandemic?

What happens next after submitting your responses?

  • The written evidence will lead to analysis and identifying themes/best practice.
  • After that there will be virtual events with stakeholders to gauge deeper understanding.
  • Report and recommendations published to allow stakeholders (Government, PCCs, policing and mental health partners) a better understanding of the national picture.
  • A better understanding and strengthening of working relationships with stakeholders going forward.

Please submit responses to by 25th October 2020.

*Key findings will be shared publicly.


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