National Police Chiefs’ Council: Audit and Assurance Board: Annual Report 2015-16


The establishment of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), soon after Police and Crime Commissioners took office, was about ensuring value for money and more effective coordination and future development of policing across England and Wales.

The Audit and Assurance Board examines the work of the NPCC and, in part, ensures accountability by having its membership from many perspectives. The APCC nominates three PCCs as members, the Home Office and Chief Police Staff Officers’ Association nominate one member each, the chair of the NPCC is a member and three independent members are appointed from the public. One of the latter is the non-executive chair of AAB.

The Board meets regularly and publishes a high level annual report on the effectiveness of the National Police Chiefs’ Council.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire Matthew Ellis said:

“The public rely on police services every day across our country to keep them safe. It’s a complex sector which is becoming even more complex because of changing crime and evolving threats.

“The National Police Chiefs’ Council benefits from strong external scrutiny which was lacking in the days of its predecessor, ACPO. The requirement for greater transparency brought by Police and Crime Commissioners and the NPCC Audit and Assurance Board is good for policing and ensures it evolves in an effective and ethical way which serves the public.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales Alun Michael PCC said:

“I very much welcome the work of the National Police Chiefs’ Council Audit and Assurance Board in helping to hold the NPCC to account. The Board has an important role in ensuring that there is not only accountability to the public but that the NPCC operates in an effective and cost efficient manner.”


You can read the Audit and Assurance Board: Annual Report 2015-16 here


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