PCCs mark White Ribbon Day


Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) across England and Wales are marking White Ribbon Day today, Friday 25 November. 

White Ribbon Day is an annual event that marks the United Nation’s International Day for the elimination of violence against women and girls. It also marks the start of 16 days of action against domestic abuse and sexual violence. 

APCC Joint Victims' Leads, Donna Jones and Sophie Linden, said:

"Today (Friday, 25 Nov) is White Ribbon Day and the beginning of 16 days of international action against violence towards women and girls (VAWG).

“VAWG is an epidemic and has been brought into stark focus by a number of tragic high-profile incidents. The continued threat women and girls face every day is completely unacceptable and as Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) we are committed to changing this.

“PCCs across England and Wales have been proactive in tackling behaviours and attitudes towards violence against women and girls and have commissioned vital services to support victims of domestic violence and sexual violence. 

“We do this through working with stakeholders such as local authorities, health services and, crucially, the sector bodies with expertise with working with survivors of violence and domestic abuse.

"PCCs also carry out a vital role of holding the police to account and will continue to do so to ensure that the police response to VAWG improves so victims are not let down and offenders are bought to justice.

“Earlier this year we set out our ambitious commitment to tackling violence against women and girls in our Violence Against Women and Girls Action Plan.

“This action plans lays out our priorities and key deliverables which we will take forward as PCCs to tackle the VAWG epidemic that blights the lives of women and girls in both public and private spaces.”

Find out more about the work we are doing to tackle violence against women and girls. 

Read our VAWG Action Plan. 


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